Now, I am in travel agency waiting for backpacker booking in Melbourne.
It's a quickly decision since we called the farm owner yesterday.
She told us, they need people to pick up grape during 1 /10 ~ 1/14.
That's why we made up our decision and booked our airplane ticket yesterday.
The airplane ticket is $220.

Somebody think it's a harsh decision.
Becuase we stayed in Perth nearly 4 weeks, we spent much time and energy to
know this place.
When we involve it, we leave quickly.
That's mean we should start to do another place's homework, "again".

However, my thought is why not?
We will go to Melbourne one day.
It's just about time.
If we get job there, it's a good reason to go there.
I don't know if it is a good decision or not.
But i will enjoy everyday in anywhere.
Just hope I can get a job in Melbourne (Robinvale) .
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