(Sorry I can't type in Chinese, I use my landlord's computer )

After living in hostel for 3 night, I decided to move back to sharehouse.
The reasons are 1. too expensive : 24 ~28 /night.
2. I don't like the boss there.
First night, they didn't give me $2 discount for YHA card.
and the manager said they will refund it for tomorrow's accommodation.
When tomorrow is coming, they said "sorry.Every day has seperate income,
so I can't refund your money. ( shit )
second day, I forgot to extend my booking until p.m 4. The boss said
I should booking another night before a.m.10. He said I have two choice,
one is check-out right now, another is pay $2 fine.(Fuck.. )
That's why I decided to move back on the third day.

How lucky am I! When I were waiting for a bus to back home, I saw Jimmy wave his hand
on the bus. After he got off the bus. He just give me a big hug.
" Darling, I heard you will move back to happy house, I am so happy."
" Oh, Jimmy. I don't expect to see you here. Where are you going? "
He said he just go home from city.
Then, I don't need worry about huge stuff on my back anymore.
Because I can go home by their car.
" How lucy I am!"

I love this house, although Jimmy& Najore sometimes too nice to me.
( you know what I mean. ^^ )
Anyway, I will stay more two night.
This time is really to say goodbye.
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